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Charlotte Olympia Beige Slingback Heels

Charlotte Olympia

Beige Slingback Heels

Regular Price: 89,500

Special Price 57,950

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The British label founded in the year 2008 specializes in footwear, handbags & accessories. Charlotte Olympia designs are influenced by classical Hollywood cinema glamour and movie stars. Founded by Charlotte Olympia Dellal and thus the name of the company, the creative head’s aim is to create grand, feminine and sumptuous shoes, handbags and accessories with a sense of humor. The founder’s interest in fashion led to her joining of London College of Fashion’s Cordwainer’s footwear design course which helped her to build her passion into this eponymous label that is known today. She always looked up to the old Hollywood styles for inspiration and wanted to bring back that era of glamour. Her style can be described as Fancy and everything pretty. The first store was opened in Maddox streets of London and later on in New York and Los Angeles. Today, the brand serves a global audience.

The label produces four seasonal collections a year, and upholds six unique collections. Apart from dealing primarily in accessories & footwear, it also launched a collection called “INCY” for young girls. For men they offer slippers under the collection named “Tom Cat”. Other collections includes 'Encore' embodying signature classics, 'Runaway Bride', 'To Dye For' red carpet shoes, 'Cosmic', 'Tailor Made' bespoke service, '9 till 5' and the very recently introduced leather handbags. Each and every product is made with utter attention to details using only the best quality materials and is handcrafted in Italy.

Footwear: Her love for shoes was developed at a very early age and the designer is specialized in this domain that is why she launched the first collection of footwear in 2008, the same year when the brand was formed. The whole collection is mesmerizing, reflecting an old charm and sophistication. The signature “ISLAND” platforms, Kitty Flats are some of the feminine iconic designs offered by it. Apart from heels, other beautiful options available for women are flats, boots, sandals and ballet flats. Everything adorns the iconic gold spider web logo on the sole.

Handbags: handbags are no less than footwear in their beauty and appeal. The Pandora clutch box is one of the most famous handbags by Olympia. The designs, use of colors, patterns has made the bags a favorite among celebrities and fashion enthusiasts. The latest handbag range called the leading lady offers four styles namely Gable, Bogart, Astaire and Brando, named after men.